Thor’s Hammer Pendant Necklaces Jewelry Norse Designs in Gold, Silver, Pewter

The magic hammer belonging to Thor, God of God thunder was called Mjolnir and was said to create lightening bolts. Mjolnir made Thor invincible in battle against both the Gods as well as men. Thor carried his mighty hammer and guarded the world, it’s meaning is a symbol of his supernatural strength and courage. Jewelry designed after this mystical hammer Mjolnir carries special meaning to the man who wears it, symbolizing the courage and strength of the vikings. Ancient and magical, such a pendant is a beautiful. special gift for the man on your gift giving list. Some come on chains to wear as a necklace and others on a leather cord to adjust the length, while others are for sale as a medal only to add your own style of necklace chain to. Since they can be made of sterling silver, gold, or classic pewter in fancy ornate or simple designs, there is one that will make a fashionable wardrobe accessory and suit a mans personal sense of style. Buy Norwegian, Norse Viking Gifts Thor’s Hammer Pendant Necklaces Jewelry Celtic Gold Silver Pewter.

Thors Hammer Necklace

God of Thunder, one of the most powerful Gods in Norse mythology. Pewter pendant on a nylon cord with an antique finish.

Pewter Dragon Thor’s Hammer Pendant

Dragon Pendant Necklace

Hypoallergenic and will not tarnish. Unique and stylish with a dragon wrapped around the handle and base. A great gift idea.

Norse Thor’s Hammer Mjollnir
Norse Thors Hammer Mjollnir Pendant
Norse Thor’s Hammer Pendant

Heavy weight metal made of pewter in a slider style necklace with decorative Celtic scrollwork on each side.

Bronze Norse Viking Mjollnir Celtic
Bronze Thors Hammer Norse Viking Mjollnir Celtic
Bronze Norse Viking Mjollnir

Thors Hammer Celtic Genuine bronze hollow cast with pattern embossed on both sides. Attractive, detailed, a strong symbol of strength and courage.

Skull Pewter Mjollnir Thor’s Hammer Pendant
Skull Thor Hammer Pewter Necklace
Skull Hammer Pewter Necklace
Nickle free jewelry for men. Arrives ready to wear on black rope or you could hang it on a favorite chain for your own custom style.

Stout Thor’s Hammer Necklace
Stout Thors Hammer Pendant

Very detailed and ornate dimensional Mjolnir Necklace. A best pick for a unique and artistic gift of men’s jewelry.

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