Oh No ! She?s Wearing The Same?!

We?ve been there and wanted we could evaporate from the face of the, no not earth, but maybe just a party, reception, meeting, etc

Done so much trouble, choosing, combining, and to not forget the important shopping, merely to look the part, or perhaps just first , yourself, or that which you believe or want to be, in short,? different!

And the unforeseeable occurs, someone has made exactly the same choices, and that?s not too bad, but she?s also sporting exactly the same? jewelry.

Yes, I understand you we?re expecting?Dress? , but being in the jewellery business, that I couldn?t aid myself.

Now, unless you create your own outfits, or you can afford a personal tailor or designer this is likely to happen somehow, someplace, accept it, it?s merely inevitable.


Be creative, use accessories, mix but most importantly, be yourself, that which alone makes you unique!

At we?re happy to help you, producing exceptional pieces of designer beaded fashion jewelry

Even to the extent that we make specially for you, however in addition, our broad assortment of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, all distinctive pieces depending on the plan by Elke Lambrechts, can help you to make that personal and more significant, unique look!

The Collections

Every Arcobalena piece is a exceptional treasure of design and craftsmanship accompanied with a numbered certificate of elegant and contemporary style of jewelry, available in either classic or vibrant colors, have a specific simplicity letting you wear the item every day. Each item is covered by a 2 year global guarantee, therefore for a price affordable for all, Arcobalena provides a unique piece that is an expression of your own personality. The designer bead jewelry necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, handbags and belts would be the perfect complement to your daily style.

The Arcobalena Brand

Elke Lambrechts launched the Arcobalena brand in 2005 from the Artist village of Altea on the Spanish Costa Blanca. Every piece is handmade in Spain and is a variant on the original design by Elke, so that each piece is really a unique believes that jewelry and complements will be the finishing touch of a woman?s shape, so she designs her purses and belts to be an ideal complement for her jewellery collections.

The Designer

Elke Lambrechts, born and raised in the metropolitan sanctuary city of Antwerp, Belgium, researched, amongst other around the academy of arts of career in several economic sectors, with imagination and art as centre stage, has allowed her to travel widely, also to be influenced by many distinct cultures and fashions, while creating a community of global connections.Impressions and experiences which would later proof to become an inspiration for her passion for jewellery, and the importance it holds in the silhouette of the contemporary woman has pushed her into the development of her own brand, in which the identity of the client is important.

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